Employer Tuition Reimbursement

This plan is available only to part-time students who are eligible for employer tuition reimbursement. This plan allows part time students to register for the current semester while deferring tuition payment until the payment date designated for the semester. 

  • Students must complete a Guaranteed Payment Plan form and provide a valid credit card number authorizing the University to charge the card on the charge date.  >> Download the Guaranteed Payment Plan Form
  • A letter signed and on company letterhead from the student's company validating their tuition reimbursement policy and the students eligibility is required in order to participate in this plan.

  • A Guaranteed Payment Plan Fee of $80 is assessed once per semester.

  • Credit card numbers that are illegible, incomplete, or declined will be assessed a $90 Credit Card Rejection fee and the University reserves the right to refuse acceptance of future Guaranteed Payment Plan for participation.