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Gary P. Austin PT, Ph.D., OCS, FAAOMPT
| Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Donna M. Bowers PT, MPH, PCS | Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

John De Noyelles PT, DPT, CSCS | Orthopedic Resident

Jay Grimes  PT, MPT, OCS, ATC | Clinical Assistant Professor

Seth Hagymasi  PT, DPT, MPT | Clinical Physical Therapist/Clinical Instuctor

Janine Hatch  PT, DPT, MS, GCS | Clinical Physical Therapist/Clinical Instructor 

Wendy Romney PT, DPT, NCS | Clinical Assistant Professor

Jonathan Sylvain PT, MPT, OCS, FAAOMPT | Clinical Physical Therapist/ Instructor

Victor Vaughan  PT, DPT, MS, OCS | Clinical Manager and Clinical Instructor

Benjamin Wang PT, DPT | Orthopedic Resident

Michelle Wormley, PT, MPT, CLT | Clinical Assistant Professor