Frequently Asked Questions

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Visiting students are not required to apply for admission. A registration form is required.

Visiting students are responsible for making sure that they have completed the prerequisites for any course and check with their home institution that they will accept the credits.


Yes, all official correspondence is sent to SHU email addresses.

Once you are registered, you may pay online or contact Student Accounts at 203-371-7925 for additional options.

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid, but current, part-time matriculating students may be eligible.

Yes summer students need to obtain a decal. They may purchase the decal at the student accounts department.

Yes, this facility provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to meet new people, get in shape, and have fun. The rate for visiting students is $30.00 for the first month and $1.00 per day for the rest of the summer until August 31. Even though each student has a different day to return to school, students only pay until they have to return, with a maximum rate of $90.00 for June, July and August.

Intensive terms (for all students) - including Winter and Spring and Summer 

  • 100% Before start of 1st class 
  • 0% Once class begins

Please see the student account site for more information.

For more information, contact:

Angela Pitcher
Associate Registrar
Tel: 203-371-7942