Behavioral Intervention & Response Team/Early Care Team

Behavioral Intervention & Response Team/Early Care Team
  • Larry Wielk, Dean of Students & ECT Chairperson

  • Denise Tiberio, Assistant Dean of Students

  • Mary Jo Mason, Director of Student Wellness Services

  • Paul J. Healy, Executive Director of Public Safety & Emergency Management

  • Jeffrey Barrett, Risk Manager

  • Laura Niesen de Abruna, Provost

  • Julia Nofri, Executive Director of Human Resources

  • Jack Fernandez, Director of Public Safety
  • Brad Hurlbut, Assistant Athletic Director

  • Joel Quintong, Director of Residential Life

  • Larry Carroll, Executive Director of Campus Ministry

  • Leonora P. Campbell, Title IX Coordinator

Ad Hoc Members

  • Patricia Walker, Dean College of Health Professions
  • John Chalykoff, Dean Jack Welch College of Business
  • SHU Vice Presidents or their designated Representatives