Silent Witness Program

What I See and What I Say . . . Could Save Someone!
The Silent Witness Program is a computer portal on the Public Safety website which provides Silent Witness Program‌‌‎a campus wide communication method for anyone to provide “anonymous information” by reporting matters of improper conduct, behavioral anti-social acts and general safety or security concerns. You may also report a concern regarding a possible missing student. The web-based portal will serve to help prevent violence on campus by addressing the needs of persons who may be at risk of harming themselves or others. We all know the tragic history of Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois and other universities. The lesson learned is some members of those campus communities later realized that observations had gone unreported. Our goal is to provide the method for observations to be reported, investigated and assistance given to help prevent violence on campus.

The Silent Witness Program is established to bring information of concern to the attention of university officials for analysis, which serves to heighten “situational awareness” and our ability to gain knowledge in a timely manner regarding security or safety matters that could impact our campus community.

To facilitate this program the University has also established a threat assessment Early Care Team to review, investigate and respond to all information received under program confidentiality procedures. SHU expects and encourages students to demonstrate a reasonable concern for their own welfare. This is particularly true in the areas of self harm and harm to others. Reports that are submitted regarding student or staff behavior or other concerns will be reviewed by a panel of interdisciplinary campus professionals. The panel will make assessments and determine appropriate actions depending on the scope of the information or nature of an incident.

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