Emergency Management

SHU requires that all university employees receive training in emergency response procedures. Below are training videos that outline SHU's emergency procedures for an active shooter incident and other emergencies (weather, fire, natural disaster, etc). 

SHU Active Shooter Incident Procedures (18 minutes) 


SHU All-Hazard Comprehensive Emergency Incident Procedures (38 minutes)


Emergency ManagementSacred Heart University will be utilizing the following methods for notifying the university community and visitors that an emergency is occurring on campus: Sacred Heart University Comprehensive All-Hazard & Business Continuity Plan (CAH&BCP) is a procedural document for organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward the control of an emergency.

The purpose of this plan is to establish clear guidelines detailing the appropriate response to disaster and crisis situations. The goal of this plan is to limit the loss of life and property in the event of an emergency or crisis that affects the operations of Sacred Heart University. These procedures apply to all University personnel and properties owned or leased by Sacred Heart University.

Communication is Critical - When calling Public Safety, make sure you identify yourself, where you are calling from, and where the incident is taking place, and what is occurring be it: requesting medical assistance, fire or smoke, motor vehicle accident, fight, alcohol violation or other incident. 

In any emergency situation:

  • Do not hang up until directed to by the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher may have to place you on hold to notify Officers, please stay on the line.
  • When called, Public Safety will respond to assist.  Actions taken will include, but are not limited to: documenting the incident and filing a report, taking photographs, contacting Fire, Police, or EMS; notifying Campus Operations regarding unsafe conditions.  
  • Public Safety should be called whenever a situation arises in which you do not feel comfortable in handling by yourself.  
  • Do not get personally involved in any situation which may jeopardize your safety or the safety of others.  Contact Public Safety to respond.  While awaiting their arrival, be sure to observe what is occurring and be prepared to pass this information on to the responding Officers.  
  • Whenever you enter a situation, always leave yourself a way out or means of egress.  You do not want to get boxed in and unable to move away from a threat.


Campus Alert When you see the Campus Alert symbol know that SHU Public Safety has activated a Level 3 or 4 emergency incident on campus and immediate action is required by you for safety and security.  Public Safety will deploy the SHU/EAS text message "Emergency Alert System" to inform you of the incident.  Follow instructions immediately.  DPS will keep you informed.
Warn Me When you see the Warn Me symbol know that SHU Public Safety is informing you of important information to increase your situational awareness regarding campus safety and security.  Be vigilant, prepared and responsive to these official notices.

Situation Level Definitions

This plan identifies four emergency levels; the following level definitions should be used as a guide to define the magnitude of an emergency incident and the potential impact to the University.  (Notification methods are determined by the Department of Public Safety). 

  • Level 1 -  covers a short-term, internal or "routine" emergency involving only University facilities and employees.  Limited outside agency involvement may be required.  No campus wide notice – communication from DPS directly to person(s) affected and standard global email. 
  • Level 2 - includes an emergency with a predictable duration at a single site involving the University and a single outside agency such as the fire department.  No campus wide notice – communication from DPS directly to person(s) affected and standard global email. 
  •  Level 3 - involves an emergency with an unpredictable duration with a multi-agency response. 
     Notification by: Campus Alert = SHU EAS
     SHU EAS - Blackboard Connect Mass Notification System
     Also: Posting to website, Facebook/Twitter, video display monitors, and internal/portable public address systems 
  • Level 4 - relates to a widespread emergency impacting a large segment of the university with long term implications.
     Notification by: Campus Alert = SHU EAS
     SHU EAS = Blackboard Connect
     Also: Posting to website, Facebook/Twitter, video display monitors, and internal/portable public address systems

Blackboard Connect – Emergency Alert System (SHU EAS) sends messages formatted as SMS/E-MAIL/Phone we also deploy on the SHU Home Page and under Campus Alerts along with Social Media - (Twitter and Facebook)

The SHU Department of Information Technology & Security – Public Safety, will be monitoring developments in technology and emergency notification systems to better serve the University Community.

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