The Sacred Heart brand was developed to communicate our mission and our core values. Our mission statement defines who we are as an institution and why we exist. It is not our story. It is a self-imposed objective. Our mission defines what we do. Our brand conveys our passion and why we love what we do.

While the institutional mission can be found here: http://www.sacredheart.edu/faithservice/officeofmissionandcatholicidentity/missionstatement/ this restatement of Sacred Heart’s mission, in our brand’s voice, illustrates how our mission is the foundation of how we tell our story.

We believe that our purposed faith, our commitment to passionate service and our relentless pursuit and embrace of intellectual exchange are the essential elements of Sacred Heart University as an institution and as a community. At our core, we remain focused on the preservation and transmission of the liberal arts and Catholic intellectual traditions.

These values compel us as educators and scholars to continually create more diverse and challenging programs, internships and opportunities for our students and for ourselves that are based in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

Our belief in the unlimited potential of every member of the Sacred Heart community has led us to pursue nothing less than uncompromising integrity, courageous leadership and overall excellence from our students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Our unwavering belief in the dignity and worth of every human being emboldens us to become fearless in our intellectual discovery, inquiry, understanding and tolerance of a universe of ideas, ethics, problems, differences and similarities.

Together we live, learn, grow and serve as individuals that passionately embody the values of Sacred Heart University in our intellectual, personal, professional and spiritual lives.

We are Pioneers for the common good. We are committed to creating a better future for others, our community and our world.