Note Takers

Criteria for requesting scribes for your courses

  • You have submitted the appropriate documentation regarding your disability

  • You are officially registered with the Office of Special Learning Services, and

  • You have been granted scribes as a reasonable accommodation by the JLC Assistant Director, Special Services.

Procedure for requesting scribes for your courses in the JLC

  • Fill out the Scribe Request Form for each semester and list all courses that you request scribes.

  • Please fill out this form prior to the semester start. Failure to do so will result in delays finding your scribes. This is important because once we receive this form, we email all SHU students to announce the scribing position.

  • If you change or drop a course you have to fill out the form and inform us IMMEDIATELY about the course change and new courses that you are asking for scribes.

  • Having a scribe in your classes doesn't mean that you can miss a class. You should be present in each class and all the time adhere to the university‚Äôs policies.

  • Once we have found a scribe for your course, we notify you via email.

  • All scribes should submit the class notes within 24 hours, if you do not receive the notes please notify us IMMEDIATELY about this problem.

  • If you have any concern about the quality of the class notes submitted by your scribe, please inform us IMMEDIATELY.

Contact Information

Fumiko Carraro
Administrative Assistant
Scribe Learning Assistant Services
Office of Special Learning Services
Jandrisevits Learning Center
Tel: 203-396-8363
Fax: 203-396-8409

Requesting a Scribe Form

For Students

Scribes Request Form