Special Learning Services

Sacred Heart University is committed to providing services to students with documented disabilities so that they may receive an equal educational opportunity. To this end, the University offers all necessary instructional accommodations and support services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Once students have made their initial application to Sacred Heart University, there are no separate applications to fill out to become eligible for services.  However, the Office of Special Learning Services (OSLS) must have supporting documentation from medical and/or other professionals that describes the student’s disability in detail.  Please do not submit Individual Education Plans (IEPs) as they are not utilized at the college level. The documentation should be forwarded to our office. You may contact the Office of Special Learning Services for further information.

Prior to the start of every semester, the Office of Special Learning Services sends out a mass mailing to our students, which includes three forms that help the OSLS gather necessary information to determine exactly what special services the student requires.

  1. The first form is the Student Registration Form‌‌, which students must sign in order to give the OSLS permission to contact each of their professors to inform them of the specifics of the student’s documented disability along with the accommodations the student requires. Without this signed form, our office cannot contact professors or give out any information on students.

  2. The second form is Student Consent Form‌‌‌‌, which grants the OSLS permission to disclose information about a student’s disability to professors and/or other appropriate personnel.  This form also gives the OSLS permission to speak with students’ parents about their academic progress.  Our office cannot disclose information to anyone about a student’s disability or discuss academic progress with parents or other legal guardians without the student’s written consent.

  3. The third form is a Health & Emergency Information Form‌, which the student must complete, that provides the OSLS with medical and emergency contact information.

The University’s goal is for all students to have the available tools needed to be academically successful. Still, the decision as to which set of services to use during any given semester resides entirely with you and your family. We firmly believe that if students utilize support systems early in their college careers, they will gradually gain a level of self-confidence that will eventually enable them to achieve their goals with only minimum support. The University, as well as the entire Office of Special Learning Services staff, located in the Jandrisevits Learning Center, aspires to help all of our students to become self-directed learners who are independent, confident, and contributing adults.