Self-Directed Learning

The Writing Center's core philosophy of self-directed learning supports the JLC's Mission to empower students to become lifelong learners. Furthermore, self-directed learning contributes to SHU's Mission by helping students develop the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that are essential to the fulfillment of each student's intellectual, social, ethical, and professional potential. Self-directed learning inspires students to acquire the strategies and skills they need to succeed in their academic work and beyond, in their professional lives and as members of a diverse, democratic society.

Self-directed learning describes a process in which students take the initiative in setting learning goals, choosing appropriate learning strategies, assessing information sources, and using support services in order to enhance their educational experience. Self-directed learning in the WC does not imply that the student works unassisted, but, rather, that the tutor helps students achieve their intellectual and academic goals by offering feedback on their work, sharing strategies that work for other writers, and providing guidance on interpreting and evaluating texts and information sources. Self-directed learning supports students' learning goals and faculty members' course objectives by helping students understand their own cognitive processes and how to develop as confident, self-motivated learners.