Professors refer students to the JLC's Writing Center because they want students take charge of their writing process and succeed in their courses. The writing specialists at the Writing Center work in partnership with the student and the professor to set up and achieve short-term and long-term writing goals.

If your professor has referred you to a writing specialist at the JLC's Writing Center, we will contact you via your SHU email account with information on setting up your 1:1 appointments with a writing specialist. Be sure to keep your appointments, tell your professor about your appointments, and keep your professor informed about your progress.

You don't need a referral to meet with a writing specialist! All SHU students are welcome to drop by the JLC or make an appointment for one or more of 1:1 sessions or group tutorials. Students can attend our workshops, use the Online Writing Lab (OWL), and access our online writing resources for additional support. Whether you need help starting a writing assignment, revising a draft, working on a specific skill, getting some research tips, or brainstorming ideas, the Writing Center is here to help!