For Faculty

WC-Faculty Collaboration

The Writing Center is committed to building collaborative partnerships across the SHU community by helping students develop strong critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Using the principles of self-directed learning, WC tutors empower students by strengthening their writing skills and practices, thereby raising the quality of their assignments, and enhancing their self-confidence.

Instructors may want to suggest that their students use the WC for support in specific areas such as:

  • Pre-writing techniques
  • Information literacy (research and documentation)
  • Interpreting texts (critical reading)
  • Thesis development (argumentation)

Tutors encourage students to think for themselves, spot logical or structural weaknesses in their work, take charge of their learning process, and assume ownership of their work product. See What Students Can Expect from a WC Session for more information on how WC tutors work.

Because the WC focuses on helping each student develop his or her critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, our work supports learning objectives across the curriculum and SHU's Mission.

Customized Workshops

Members of faculty are welcome to request support for a particular student, a group of students, or an entire class. A Writing Center tutor can, for example, lead a group discussion of an assigned text to identify the main ideas of the text, supporting evidence, and stylistic or rhetorical devices; to review how to cite the text according to a specific format (e.g., MLA); and to critique the text with the goal of developing a thesis.

Writing instruction resources:

  • In-class writing activities
  • Peer/group activities
  • Modeling effective writing
  • Plagiarism-proof assignments
  • Assignment design

In-Class Support

Instructors can request that a tutor conduct an in-class workshop on a topic such as documentation and research methods, textual analysis, or thesis development. Request a workshop.

Keeping in Touch

WC tutors provide instructors with a brief summary of each session by email. The instructor will know which assignment the student worked on and what kinds of strategies or skills the tutorial session covered. Please contact us if you have questions about how we can help your students.