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Tips To Reduce Your Printing Costs

  • Only print color when you absolutely need to.

  • Print PowerPoint slides 3 or 6 slides to a page, black and white only with no backgrounds to speed up printing and save your printing quota. 

  • Don't print draft copies of your document for every minor revision

  • Before printing check print preview to find out how many pages will be printed

  • Only print the pages you need

  • If your print job does not print don't re-send it without first checking the print queue from your PC. 
    • There may be many other jobs ahead of yours or the printer may have run out of paper.
    • If you keep re-sending your document multiple copies may be printed later and deducted from your Printing balance. 
    • You can delete your own print jobs from the queue to prevent this.

  • If you cannot wait for your print job to appear delete it from the print queue before you log off to avoid it being printed later and deducted from your print quota balance.

  • Protect your access to your logon credentials by
    • Remembering to log off when you have finished using a computer
    • Protect your password.  Change your password from the initial default password and choose a new one which will not easily be guessed by others