Supported Tools for Digital Learning

Echo 360 is a digital tool which allows video capture. When challenging topics arise in the classrooms, instructors can record their lecture and share it with the students. This will create a digital resource for the students outside of the classroom. Having a University in New England can be challenging in the winter months. With Echo 360, lectures can be posted online during snow days to ensure the course stays on schedule.

Office Mix is a digital tool that allows voice over to software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Instructors that have had success with this tool, have utilized it by recording their lecture over the PowerPoint, giving the students the feel of being in the classroom atmosphere while they are studying. As well as voice notes, Office Mix allows for screen sharing, making it easy for instructors to draw diagrams and share them with students.

Zaption is a web app for teachers, trainers, and content publishers to use video as an interactive experience. Add images, text, quizzes and discussions to private videos as well as those from YouTube and Vimeo to create a “learning tour.” Teachers also have access to analytics.

Diigo is a digital tool that allows instructors to annotate websites and documents. Similar to VideoAnt, Diigo can be used to annotate large amounts of information, and raise questions for the students to respond to within a piece of text.

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