New Features

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Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 14

New Features:

  • SafeAssign

SafeAssign allows instructors to check student work for plagiarism. SafeAssign is now located under the assignment manager. When creating the assignment, the instructor is given multiple grading options. SafeAssign is now located within these options, allowing instructors to add SafeAssign to an assignment in one easy step!

  • Grade Center Improvements 

Grade Center display has been update. The size of the text and row spacing has been reduced, allowing instructors to view more of the grade center at one time. For the students, the grade center can be filtered. They can select from all, graded, upcoming and submitted to view their grade in the course. With the new feedback inline feature, students do not have to click to view feedback anymore, it is displayed immediately for them to see it.

  • Student Preview

Student preview is a new feature to Blackboard that allows the instructor to view the course on the student end. If an instructor sets a test to become available at a specific time on a specific day, the instructor can switch to student preview to ensure it is available on the student side of Blackboard.

  • Retention Center

The updated retention center allows instructors to stay up to date on the academic health of their course. When the retention center is set up, instructors receive notifications when a student is struggling. This makes it simpler for the instructor to become away and assist the student who is not doing well in the course.

  • Rubrics

Blackboard allows instructors to create reusable rubrics to assist in grading assignments. The rubrics are created on Blackboard, and can be made available to the student if the instructor wishes to allow the option. During grading, the rubric is displayed, and the grade assigned to the rubric goes directly into the grade center.