Prof. Marie Hulme on Blackboard Blogs

Marie HulmeThe ITTBS Team would like to recognize Professor Marie Hulme from the Department of English for her creative use of Blackboard Blogs in her common core, “Literary Expressions of the Human Journey” courses.As part of the Academic Technology Showcase, we are excited to share a piece from Professor Hulme’s work, “The Transformative Nature of Blogging as a Tool of Pedagogy: Journeying Through Homer’s The Odyssey”. 

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The thoughtful integration of available technology into the 21st c. classroom can offer opportunities for transformational learning. Transformational pedagogies challenge students to reflect critically, to engage in respectful debate – both internal and external – about important questions of the human condition, and, to build open mindedness in their approach to understanding. Blogging through a text such as The Odyssey, by its very nature, is itself a kind of journey of exploration and transformation, as the text unfolds and reveals itself throughout the course of the construction of the blog. Blogging about a text allows students to inhabit their knowledge, to own their learning and to deepen both their individual and collective understanding through reflections about a text in the context of an on-going fluid forum. Transformative opportunities are possible as students “journey through” a text, navigating uncertainty, multiple paths of understanding and interpretation. The collaborative nature of creating a blog provides for the building of a meaningful community of learner-practioners who are the architects of the blog and who engage in reflection of their own as well as their peers’ contributions to the blog. Any pedagogy which allows students a multi-sensory, multi-track approach to learning - including music, graphics and artistic depictions of a text - empowers students to convey their own complex combination of intellectual and emotional responses to it. Finally, integrating interactive technologies such as blogging into the curriculum allows for high impact learning to occur beyond the traditional time and place constraints of the classroom and acknowledges that transformational moments in learning can – indeed often do - occur outside of four walls. 

About Professor Marie Hulme

Education: Marie holds a B.A. in English from Smith College, an M.A. in English and American literature from New York University, and recently completed her MAT at Sacred Heart University. 
Fun Fact: Marie Hulme was awarded the Gold Metal of Excellence from the Isabelle Farrington School of Education for her Master’s paper, “Integrating Interactive Technology into the Sacred Heart University Common Core Curriculum” which examines the pedagogical benefits of engaging students through interactive technologies such as blogging and online discussions.