Course Module Home Page

Landing pages on Blackboard can now be fully customizable module pages. Teaching an English course? Add a dictionary for your students to always have available! receive a lot of questions about grades? Keep students up to date by including the grading module. The options are endless and completely up to you! 


Grading Color Codes

You asked, Blackboard listened! With the new system, you will have the ability to color code your grade center. YOu can change the color of the cell for the following items: 

  • Items that need grading
  • Items that are exempt
  • Items that are in progress
  • Custom rules for grade ranges. 
    • For example, any grade < 85 mark blue, any grade > 85 mark yellow 

Blackboard Collaborate

You will still have the option to use WebEx, but with Blackboard SaaS you will be able to use Blackboard Collaborate directly in the course. Track student attendance, and send students to one location for synchronous sessions. This tool is a great addition to the virtual meeting solutions we provide, and can be used as much as you would like! 


Accessibility is a very crucial aspect of course design. With the new system, there will be many more options to apply accessibility best practices. Do you have a course banner? Now you can add alternative text to the banner! Keep an eye out for more accessibility updates. 

Notifications Dashboard

Although my Blackboard menu provides your content in a more streamlined manner, the Notifications Dashboard takes it to the next level. The Notifications Dashboard allows students to view their grades, what is new, any new alerts from their faculty and more!