Organization Request Form

Blackboard Organizations are essentially Blackboard courses for non-classes. An organization enables members to communicate efficiently by posting information, having discussions and sharing documents. Organizations can be used for anything from clubs to academic committees. 

Organization FAQ's

 1.  How do I access my organizations?

 Organizations can be found on your Blackboard home page under the “My Organizations” heading.

2. How do I get an organization made?

Fill out the Organization Request Form. which can be found here

3. How do I add people to my organization?

Fill out the Organization Membership form (here) or email . Be sure to include the student / faculty ID of the member(s) you wish to add along with whether you’d like them to be added as a leader or participant role.

4. What is the difference between Leader and Participant?

A leader role is analogous to the instructor role in a course. They can post material, distribute surveys and organize the organization.  A participant is analogous to the student role, where they can view material, take surveys and post to discussion boards.