Known Issues

Make sure you're using Firefox and that Firefox is updated to it's most recent version. 

On the top of your page look for a yellow bar. Click the small x on the right side of this yellow bar to close it. 

In many cases, the student gets kicked out of the assessment due to idling.

How to prevent this: 

  • Give the assessment one question at a time for longer assessments, this ensures that the user’s java session is continuously updated and the likelihood of the student being kicked out is reduced. 
  • DO NOT SELECT FORCE COMPLETE OPTION. Without this option selected, users are able to reenter the exam from the last point that they saved an answer should they get kicked out. 

To avoid this message, it is recommended that you set external links to Open in New Window in the options area when creating links

Clicking on the arrows on either side of the user’s name in the grey column on the right will show other user’s entries. Also clicking on your name in the grey column will show a list of other user’s posts.




Scroll bars can be re-enabled system wide by going into system preferences --> General and  set “Show scroll bars” to Always

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies then restart your browser. Please see the Factory if you need assistance with this. 

This error message appears randomly throughout courses with no consistency. In most cases, if you click to another part of the course and go back, the error message will disappear.

It is a good idea to compose the thread in a text editor outside of Blackboard such as Microsoft Word or Notepad, where it can be modified and saved. When done composing the thread, paste the text into the thread’s message box and then click the Submit button. 

Text pasted directly from Word contains hidden formatting code that may not be compatible with web viewing. This also may cause issues with the Blackboard course environment.

HOW CAN I PREVENT THIS: The text that you paste into the text editor should be as clean as possible. If you want to copy and paste from Word you need to paste the text into Notepad first to get rid of the hidden formatting, and then copy and paste from Notepad into Blackboard. You will then do any formatting within the Blackboard editor.

Check to make sure that the points you have given your students is correct in relation to the total points. Often times instructors forget that they made an assignment worth 10 points and therefore grade the students as if it were worth 100 points resulting in 90/10 instead of 90/100. If you change the 90/10 to a 9/10 the problem will be resolved. 

When a course is unavailable, only the professor of the course can make it available to students. If you cannot access your course for this reason, contact your professor. 

To fix this, use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.