Using Blackboard

How to Log in to the Blackboard System

  1. Click on the mySHU link at the top of the SHU website
  2. Enter your username and password. If you don't know your username and password, you will need to click on the Manage Network Account link located to the left of the Login area. Then follow the instructions on the next page to obtain your login credentials.
  3. You can choose a password and then your username will be displayed to you.\

How to Update your Personal Information

  1. Log in to MySHU and locate the link entitled Personal Information listed on the left side of your mySHU page. The next page will list four options.
  2. Click on the Edit Personal Information link.
  3. Please do the following:
    • Ensure that your name is spelled correctly. If it is incorrect, contact the Registrar's at 203-371-7896.
    • Filling out the rest of this information is left to your discretion.
    • Scroll to the end of the page and click on the Submit button located on bottom right of the page.
    • You will be sent to a page that indicates that your information has been updated.
    • Click OK. You will be sent back to the Personal Information page.
  4. If you'd like to change your privacy options, click on Set Privacy Options. Please do the following:
    • Please read over the options available to you. If you'd like to make any of this information public within the Blackboard system, click on any of the selections and click the Submit button if not select the Cancel button. You will be sent back to the Personal Information page.
  5. Now click OK. You will be sent to your main MySHU page.

How to Access your Blackboard Classes

  1. Log into the Blackboard/MySHU System.
  2. Click the My Courses tab.
  3. If you are registered for courses and your instructor has requested a Blackboard section, your courses will be listed on this page.*
  4. Click on the course to enter

Not all instructors utilize Blackboard:

  • You may be registered for a course that will not be listed on this page. Registering for a course through the Registrar's office, does not guarantee that you will be enrolled in a Blackboard course.
  • Your instructor should inform you if he or she is using the Blackboard system. At times, instructors request a course but do not immediately make it available to the students.
  • If you believe that a course should be listed on this page but you don't see it, please speak to your instructor prior to using the Blackboard Problem/Support form.

To View Course Schedules and Grades

To view Course Schedules and Grades use the Web Advisor Tab on the MySHU portal.