Blackboard FAQ’s for Instructors

For all cross-listed courses/sections one course is designated as the primary course and all others are secondary.   Within the Blackboard System only the primary is visible. If you want to change the primary / secondary designations please have your department contact the Registrar’s Department with the corrections.

Have your department contact the Registrar’s Department with these corrections.

In order for your course to be listed on Blackboard

  • the course has to be an active course at the Registrar’s Department
  • you must be listed as instructor of record within the Registrar’s department

If you do not see the course listed contact your department to verify the course and instructor. The Department should contact the Registrar’s Department with any corrections.

Remember: Changes made by the Registrar’s Office will be reflected within the Blackboard System in 24 hours.

The student is not registered for the course (student has to report this to the Registrar's Department) or the student will have to wait for the download process to pull the student to the Blackboard System 24 hours after registering.

Note: If the student is registered and has waited 24 hours please contact the SHU Call center at 1-866-365-7575 or launch a ticket online.

If you require assistance with this process please contact us at !

Generally a student has 6 six weeks into the next major semester to finish an incomplete.  Courses remain active for 6 weeks into the next semester and students can continue to view the course (unless the instructor has made the course unavailable). These students do not have access to current semester courses unless they are registered.  Therefore they will not be able to participate in discussions and tests.