Rank and Tenure Forms

Rank and Tenure Evaluation Forms

Members of the full time faculty who are applying for tenure and/or a promotion in rank must obtain a number of evaluations using the documents below. The faculty member is responsible for obtaining three Non-Departmental Colleague evaluations and five evaluations from students they select. The Human Resources Director for Academic Affairs is responsible for obtaining five evaluations from students selected by the Registrar, department colleague evaluations and the department chair evaluation. 

The documents below are the evaluation forms required by the Committee on Rank and Tenure as described in the Faculty Handbook.  If you have been asked to complete an evaluation on a candidate for promotion and/or tenure, click on the appropriate form below to access the on-line form.  All forms must be completed by October 1st


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If you have any questions regarding the rank and tenure evaluation forms, please contact the Human Resources Director for Academic Affairs at Sacred Heart University.