Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sacred Heart University is firmly committed to maintaining a learning, living, and working environment for the University community free of sexual misconduct. The Sexual Misconduct policy describes the University's policy toward Sexual Misconduct and zero tolerance policy towards sexual violence. It also provides guidance for those who have been involved in in an incident of sexually misconduct, outlines the University's disciplinary response to alleged incidents of sexual misconduct, and identifies the relevant organizations within the University responsible for managing the policy and programs associated with it. Sacred Heart University's policy is intended to comply with relevant state and federal statutes and it applies to faculty, staff and students. Anyone looking to file a complaint may submit a report to the University's Title IX Coordinator here.

Policy Statement

(NOTE: Changes to the current policy have been submitted and are pending review and approval of the University's General Counsel's Office.) Sacred Heart University is committed to an environment that promotes a spirit of responsibility, dignity, and respect in matters of sexual misconduct. All students and employees are entitled to pursue their work and education free of sexual misconduct or sexual violence in any form, including assault, acquaintance or date rape. When sexual misconduct or sexual violence occurs at Sacred Heart University, the standards of the University, as well as the criminal laws of the state of Connecticut, are violated. Sacred Heart University is dedicated to preventing sexual misconduct by providing information and resources to the Sacred Heart University community about the risks and myths that contribute to sexual misconduct; providing assistance, support and procedures to a person who has experienced or been involved in an incident of sexual misconduct; and by providing a process for investigation and adjudication that includes appropriate disciplinary sanctions for those who commit sexual misconduct violations. All complaints or reports of Sexual Misconduct will be investigated. Sexual misconduct committed by students, whether on or off campus, is prohibited and will not be tolerated. This applies to academic, educational, co-curricular, athletic, study abroad, residential and off-campus conduct, and other University programs.

Sacred Heart University urges individuals who have been involved in an incident of sexual misconduct, to pursue criminal charges against the person or persons they believe to have committed the sexual misconduct. A person who has experienced a sexual misconduct involving a member of the campus community is also urged to make a complaint to the University. A criminal charge and an internal complaint may be pursued at the same time. Retaliation against an individual who brings a complaint, participates in an investigation or pursues legal action is prohibited, will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. Students, faculty members, and staff members should understand that consensual sexual relationships, particularly those between individuals of unequal status, may be or become a violation of this policy. Anyone who engages in a sexual relationship with a person over whom the individual has any degree of formal power or authority must understand that the validity of the consent involved can and may be questioned. The University does not condone sexual relationships between staff or faculty members and students, and between supervisors and their employees. Members of the University community are encouraged to contribute to the prevention of, intervention in, and effective response to student sexual misconduct. All members of the community may play a role in building a safe and just educational environment.

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