Freshman Academic Advisor Duties

The Sacred Heart University Freshman Academic Advising Program offers freshmen a meaningful and supportive connection with a Sacred Heart University faculty member during their first year of college. Academic advisors, in and out of the classroom, assist our freshmen with their transition to the new and challenging academic environment of college.  

The academic advisor supports his/her advisees as they begin their journey toward independent and lifelong learning. While doubling as a professor in one of a freshman’s first-semester courses, the academic advisor serves as the primary contact and resource for all academic and academic-related matters.  A freshman academic advisor strives to be available, knowledgeable, and concerned.

Specific Duties: The Freshman Academic Advisor
  • Assists freshmen in developing and enhancing those skills and habits needed for successful college learning, including but not limited to time management and other relevant study skills;
  • Models appropriate academic behavior and enthusiasm for learning in and out of the classroom;
  • Emphasizes the primacy of academics and intellectual growth in the life of a college student;
  • Assists his/her advisees in accessing the academic resources of the University;
  • Serves as the primary contact person for all academic matters;
  • Monitors the academic progress of his/her advisees, offers appropriate support, and intervenes when appropriate;
  • Monitors and follows up on Early Warnings, Mid Term Grades, and Mid Term Warnings;
  • Assists freshmen with decisions about course and program selections, class registrations, and major declarations;
  • Familiarizes freshmen with college academic expectations; 
  • Supports freshmen as they begin to accept/embrace responsibility for their own education; 
  • Assists freshmen in acquiring a functional knowledge of academic policies, requirements, and practices;
  • Meets regularly with his/her advisees to listen, learn, and assist; 
  • Refers students to appropriate University services as needed;
  • Cooperates with other members of the Sacred Heart University community in enhancing the overall growth of our freshmen.