Teaching Innovations to Promote Active Learning

Speech Science Using Voki

Course:  Speech Science (SLP 320)Robin Danzak with student
Professor:  Prof. Robin Danzak, Ph.D., Department of Speech-Language Pathology
Learning Objectives:  Application of speech science concepts, critical analysis, and self-assessment
Digital Tool:  Speech Science Using Voki 

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Exercise Science Using Map My Run 

‌‌Wendy Bjerke headshotCourse: Exercise Physiology
Professor: Wendy Bjerke, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor
Learning Objectives:

  • Course Level: Promote higher order thinking when applying the understanding of exercise physiology concepts
  • Program Level: Empower students to take on the role of an engaged citizen in the context of exercise physiology studies
  • Institutional Level: Expose students to pathways for promoting social justice and equality.

Digital Tools: Map My Run and Google Maps

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