Designing for Active Learning using BlackBoard

Course Design     Feedback Strategies     Online Quizzes

Summary by Jaya Kannan

Contributions by Barbara Gerwien 

July 2015

As part of the week-long 2015 Digital Pedogy Summer Institute, we ran three workshops on "integrating BlackBoard tools to enhance teaching practices", on June 4, 2015.

Please see below for topics and details of each of the three workshops.

Thanks to Jenna Warman (Grad Student Assistant, IT) for the creation of all of the video tutorials listed below. 

Effective Feedback Strategies in the digital environment

Workshop conducted by: Amanda Moras (CAS) and Jaya Kannan (ODL)

Discussion Topics: Goal-focused feedback, types of feedback, Feedback techniques, descriptive Feedback Vs Evaluative Feedback, involving students in the process

Hands-on Blackboard Activity: Inline Assessment using the crocodoc tool, rubric integration, video feedback, example feedback exercise

Integrating Online Quizzes in your courses

Workshop conducted by: Eleni Diakogeorgiou (CHP) and Nicole Trudell (IT staff, Blackboard manager)

Discussion Topics: Case study of online quizzes integration in the Exercise Science program, faculty experience of using quizzes – what worked and what are the challenges

Hands-on Blackboard Activity: Creating different types of quizzes, building a bank of quizzes for the program, respondus lockdown, integrating quizzes from the e-textbook



Course Design to strengthen the Digital Presence of the instructor

Workshop conducted by: Wendy Bjerke (CHP) and Jim Castonguay (CAS)

Discussion Topics: Visual design, varied forms of interactivity, customizing and personalizing digital presence, sharing research on best practices in online course design.

Hands-on Blackboard Activity: Designing using the course template, integrating social media tools within Blackboard, Video-based syllabus, enhancing the interactivity features, Accessibility features