Digital Pedagogy - Projects in Progress

College of Health Professions - Team 2

Team 2 Projects: Prof. J Gatti-Petito     Prof. E Yost     Prof. H Pomeranz

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Prof. Joanne Gatti-Petito, Online Nursing

Introduction of course to students

Digital Tool: Micro Soft Office Mix

Prof. Eileen Yost, Nursing

Teaching key concepts in Nursing using Video Annotation

Digital Tool: VideoAnt

Video Credit: Foramen Ovale and Ductus Arteriosus (khanacademymedicine)


Foramen Ovale and Ductus Arteriosus (khanacademymedicine)(December 5, 2012)
khanacademymedicine Retrieved from

Prof. H. Pomeranz, Physician Assistant Studies

Embedding Open Education Resources into course materials for interactivity

Digital Tool: Tackk, YouTube