Presentations by Summer Institute Participating Faculty

Welch College of Business

Active Learning through the Integration of E-Textbooks

Team Leader: Enda McGovern - Marketing

Team Member: Arne Baruca - Marketing & Sports Management

Team Member: Temo Luna-Nevarez - Marketing & Sports Management

Faculty Facilitators: Jim Castonguay - Communication

Digital Tools Explored: Professional Video Production & MyMarketingLab platform for e-textbooks

Project Description: Incorporate the latest digital eText platform created by the publisher (in support of the assigned textbook) into the Marketing Principles classes. Produce marketing sample video to be posted online for students interested in studying marketing.

International Collaboration using Google Tools

Team Leader: Grace Guo - Management

Team Member: Ralph Lim - Finance

Faculty Facilitator: - Michael Barbour - Education

Digital Tool Explored: Google Tools

Project Description: Develop a Google tools based LMS for SHU students to collaborate with students in the University of Saint Joseph, China for a project on "Global talent Management". The project website features faculty and student e-Portfolios, online discussion forums using Google documents and Google drive, and other supporting Google education tools such as YouTube, Google chat, and Google calendar for learning in a global context.