Summer Institute Participating Faculty

Critical Analysis through Digital Annotation

Team Leader: Charlotte Gradie - History

Team Member: Marie Hulme - English

Team Member: Ono Ekeh -Theology & Religious Studies

Faculty Facilitator: Amanda Moras - Sociology 

Digital Tools Explored: DIIGO - Interactive annotated documents, Weebly - Interactive annotated websites, Snapz Pro - Verbally annotated videos

Project Description: Explore methods to incorporate elements of video, audio, and images into course materials to improve student engagement. Integrate digital annotation tools in their respective disciplines to foster critical analysis. 

Teaching Enhancement through Video-based Micro-Lectures

Team Leader: Colleen Butler-Sweet - Sociology

Team Member: Andrew Pierce - Philosophy

Team Member: Cara Erdheim - English

Faculty Facilitator: Pilar Munday - Foreign Languages & Cultures

Digital Tools Explored: Bamboo, Touchcast, OfficeMix, Echo 360 - Exploration of various tools by each team member

Project Description: Create video-based tutorials to increase student participation particularly in the asynchronous online environment.