Pedagogy focus trumps tech training: Creating video based instructional materials. Video recording from PASSHE virtual conference 2015 presentation.

Presenters: Jaya Kannan and Adrianna Dattoli

Date of presentation: Feb 16, 2015


Sacred Heart University Earns Online Learning Consortium Award

Teacher as Learner: an Institutional Approach to promoting pedagogical innovation

Presenters: Jaya Kannan and Adrianna Dattoli

Riding in Tandem: Promoting Faculty Engagement Through Collaborative Development Strategies

Presenters: Amanda Moras and Jaya Kannan 

Pathways to Student Success

Presenters: Jaya Kannan and Adrianna Dattoli

The Intentional Learner As Connected Knower

Presenter: Jaya Kannan


Integrating Interactive Technology to Promote Learner Autonomy: Challenges and Rewards

Presenters: Jaya Kannan, Maria Lizano-DiMare, Marie Hulme and Pilar Munday  

A Model Taxonomy of Educational Objectives for the Online Learning Environment

Presenter: Antoinette Bruciatti