Microlectures: Faculty Examples

SHU faculty build video-based microlectures: Pedagogical focus drives Echo 360 screen capture applications

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Pedagogical Objective: Bank of instructional videos on statistical analysis

Prof. Stephen Liley, Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology

SPSS, Face-to-Face course, Fall 2014

For Prof. Lilley's playlist of SPSS tutorial videos click here

   Pedagogical Objective: Promoting self-efficacy

Prof. Robert McCloud, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Information Technology

Introduction to Information Technology for Business, Online Course, Summer 2014


 Pedagogical Objective: Explanation of Key Concepts

Professor Wendy Bjerke, Clinical Associate Professor, Exercise Science

Exercise Science, Face-to-Face course, Fall 2014


 Pedagogical Objective: Syllabus info for self-regulated learning

Prof. Gail Samdperil, Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Athletic Training

Aspects of Clinical Medicine, Face-to-Face course, Fall 2014