Integrate a Video Response System in your Teaching

By Jaya Kannan (Director, Digital Learning) and
Colette Rossignol (Education Technologist, Digital Learning)
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March 2017

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What is FlipGrid?

FlipGrid is an online asynchronous video response tool. Instructors can create brief questions or prompts in a grid. Students can provide a 90 second video response. Students may also respond to their peers. Or, students might even trigger conversations. 

Integrating a video response system in the Classroom - 
How to use FlipGrid in my teaching?
Classroom Applications

by Professor Pilar Munday,
Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Cultures, CAS

Course Title: Conversational Spanish - SP211

Semester: Fall 2016

Teaching Objective: I use Flipgrid to develop interpersonal communication. 

Task Description: Students have to talk about a common theme during 2 weeks. The first week they record their opinion. The second week they reply to 2 people on the grid (it is open to outsiders as well)

Observations about Student Learning: Students are developing stamina in speaking Spanish, they are learning from each other and they are getting to know each other better thus lowering the affective filter which improves learning.

by Professor Barbara Tarasovich,
Director MS Accounting Program/Associate Accounting Professor, WCB

Course Title: MSA 600- Financial Accounting – Theory and Practice

Semester: Fall 2016

Teaching Objective: To increase instructor presence during the online portion of the program. The MSA program is delivered in a blended format. Students have three weeks of online delivery and come to campus one day a month. The feedback for the program was that students wanted more interaction with professors during the online portion of the course. Since this is the first course in the program, and I am the Director of the MSA program, we believed this was an appropriate task for this course.

Task Description: The students recorded their answers to why they selected one of the two concentrations offered in the program.  The program offers two program concentrations, forensic accounting and international accounting. With the concentration in forensic accounting students learn how forensic accounting principles can be applied in complex financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, contract disputes and business valuations. International accounting is offered in response to the growing demand for international accounting rules as a result of the globalization of business.  With the concentration in international accounting students learn about the latest activities of the International Accounting Standards Board and the impact on business worldwide, as well as the accounting profession as a whole.

Observations about Student Learning: 

  • Overall, the students' feedback was they felt more connected to the other members of the class and their professor using flipgrid
  • It was extremely easy for the instructor to add a question and incorporate it in the course BlackBoard site
  • Students also found it very easy to use, the learning curve is minimal
  • It is a quick win in terms of implementing an online solution to increase instructor presence
  • Some students were reluctant to record their image and hear their voices recorded. It is important to have a conversation with students, manage expectations and be sensitive to their learning preferences. 
  • Firefox is not the best browser to use with flipgrid

A Pedagogical Inquiry - Integration of a Video Response System