Faculty Workshops

Faculty Workshops
Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

Active Learning with Microsoft Office 365 - A Workshop Series

“Leveraging Microsoft Office 365 in Higher Education” to provide feedback and active collaboration in the classroom. Learn the new features for Office 365 to increase student engagement in your classes.

Backwards Design - Explore an Instructional Design Model

Backwards Design is an Instructional Design model to plan instruction, assessment and curriculum focusing on student understanding. Join us as we discuss the three phases of backwards design to help you as you develop lessons, units, assessments, or courses that focus on developing and deepening students’ understanding of important ideas.

Creating an inclusive classroom using Universal Design for Learning

Create an inclusive classroom through the use of Universal Design for Learning principles. UDL incorporates instructional methods and technology to enhance your teaching to benefit all learners.

Showcase your academic research through Digital Commons - SHU Library

Digital Commons is a service of Sacred Heart University Library that includes SHU faculty articles. Some articles link to the full text, while others link to journals in our Library catalog or to publisher websites. Digital Commons also include undergraduate work, SHU history and reports, the contents of the two SHU published journal, posters as well as audio and visual submissions. Digital Commons is a shared venture for the entire University. It provides a window into our campus and what makes SHU unique.

Explore Digital Storytelling to Capture Student Learning

Digital storytelling involves “combining the art of telling stories with a variety of digital multimedia, such as images, audio, and video.”* This workshop will discuss the educational use of digital storytelling to document impactful learning experiences. We will also share examples of experimental approaches to digital storytelling from SHU classrooms. Come and explore digital storytelling as an effective teaching practice based on your course goals.

*Robin, B. (2006). The educational uses of digital storytelling. Technology and teacher education annual, 1, 709. 

Feedback Strategies  - Integrate a Video Response System in your Teaching

FlipGrid is an online asynchronous video response tool. Instructors can create brief questions or prompts in a grid. Students can provide a 90 second video response. Students may also respond to their peers. Or, students might even trigger conversations. Many teaching activities can be designed using Flipgrid to promote engagement. Here are some examples

  • Introduce students in a Meet the Class topic
  • An icebreaker to spur discussion
  • A weekly Question and Answer forum on course content or feedback

How to select and integrate Open Educational resources in your courses?

Open Educational Resources are openly licensed textbooks and other materials for the classroom. Join us as we discuss how to select and integrate these materials in your course.  

A multi-media approach for task-design using Voicethread

Increase your student engagement and provide timely feedback. Provide students with a multi-media approach for student driven discussions and an asynchronous way to keep the conversation going beyond the classroom.