Faculty Showcase

Teaching Innovations – Experiments from the Classroom

The Office of Digital Learning presents

Faculty Showcase: Spring 2015
Teaching Innovations – Experiments from the SHU Classroom
Integrating the Digital Environment to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, April 22 2015, 2pm to 4pm, University Commons 

Program Description

By Jaya Kannan - Director, Digital Learning

Contributor Barbara Gerwien - Coordinator, Digital Learning

Faculty members at SHU have been enhancing their teaching by exploring new technologies and integrating the digital environment in face-to-face, online, and blended contexts. To highlight the enormous effort behind the development of digital pedagogies, we hosted an event called Teaching Innovations – Experiments from the Classroom for the first time. This event showcased the many innovative teaching practices going on in the SHU classrooms, and offered hands-on demo sessions as well as discussions in an informal setting.

Many examples of digital approaches that worked in the classroom were shared. But the main focus was not to showcase only success stories. Far from it. Instead, faculty analyzed the complex process involved in the design and delivery of these innovative practices:

  • how to go about choosing suitable technology tools to meet teaching objectives,
  • the challenges they have faced in experimenting with digital tools and methods
  • frustrations with implementing teaching ideas, and strategies for solving them
  • observations from student learning, feedback from students that helped refine the experiment,
  • applicability of innovative experiments to other disciplines etc.

For a full list of presentations, click here.