Parents & Guardians

One of the most likely reasons for choosing Sacred Heart University was that you and your son or daughter were aware of the outstanding academic reputation that Sacred Heart has in preparing its graduates to obtain full-time employment or graduate school acceptance.

Early and regular involvement with the Career Development and Placement Center often results in full-time employment or acceptance into graduate school. Students who begin the process as early as their first year are usually successful in obtaining internships and employment that fit their skills, interests,values, and personality preferences.

We believe that as parents you play a critical role in reinforcing the work of career planning so we invite you to become familiar with the programs and services that our office provides and assist us in encouraging your son or daughter to participate in the career development process early during their Sacred Heart experience. As a team we can work together to help your son or daughter find a career path that will bring them success and satisfaction.

More Information

  • Contribute to your child's career path
    Opportunities to engage your employer with Career Development and Placement Center programs and services.

  • Talk to your child about majors and careers
    “Conversation starters” you can use to communicate with and encourage your son or daughter.