Major In Success Program

"I went through the Major in Success program and it was probably the best thing I did at SHU. I have since then become a mentor in the department for future students. I had no idea what I wanted to study and my career coach sat down with me and we took a personality/interest test that helped me understand which professional avenues I would excel in. I was toying between business and communications, and the test helped me see that I lean more towards creativity and design rather than business policies and accounting. My mentor was able to reassure me that not knowing what I wanted to do was okay and that the people in the Career Center were there to help me. The Career Center has become one of my favorite places on campus and is probably the reason I came to SHU."  -Julia, Communication Studies Major, Class of 2015

The Major in Success Program is designed to assist full-time students who are either undecided about which major to select, need to confirm an earlier decision, or are interested in exploring various career options. The program involves a series of structured meetings with a First Year Career Specialist to help students focus on talents, learn more about major/career relationships, and begin to identify the career options that fit best. The program has a solid record of providing SHU students with direction and information so they can make independent, informed decisions about their educational and career planning. 

Each student registered for the Program will be given a First Year Career Specialist to assist with first year career-related decisions. Students participating in the Major in Success program assess their needs and goals.  Additionally program components may include interest and personality assessments, alumni mentor interaction, faculty referrals, job shadowing,  informational interviewing techniques, goal setting and action planning. The Program is offered at various start points throughout the year. The student is asked to commit to one meeting per week for three weeks. Meetings are approximately 50 minutes in length. There are no fees or course credits for this program and student participation is voluntary. 

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Choosing a Major is one of the most important decisions you will make while in college. Take the time to explore the academic majors that Sacred Heart University has to offer before you make your final decision. 

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