Rob's Appointments

Please review the information below and select the appointment type that is most appropriate. Click on the link and follow the directions from there to select the appointment time that works best for you!

Creating a Resume

We will meet to go over the basics of what should, and should not, be included in your resume and begin to sketch out a first draft. You will leave the appointment with a basic resume and the needed information on how to complete it. Meetings last approximately 30 minutes.

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Quick Resume Review

Quick review of an existing resume. Best for students who have already worked with our office in the past and need to update a resume with new experience or with a new goal in mind. Meetings last approximately 15 minutes.

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Find an Internship

If you are about to begin searching for an internship, this is where you should start. We will review your resume, discuss internship search strategy and learn how to use our Pioneerlink system. You will leave with a plan in hand to guide your search and the tools necessary to do so. Meetings last approximately 45 minutes.

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Full-Time Job Search

If you are about to begin searching for a full-time job, this is where you should start. We will review your resume, and discuss job search strategy and techniques, including networking and how to maximize online resources. Meetings last approximately 60 minutes.

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Interview Preparation

Have an interview scheduled soon? We will discuss interview strategy, including different questioning techniques your interviewer may use and how to react, as well as, questions to expect and how to prepare/research the company. Meetings last approximately 30 minutes.

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Something Else

Need to talk about something NOT specifically mentioned? No problem! Let me know what it is, and we can go from there!

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Not sure which meeting is right for you? Please call me at 203-365-4737 or email me to discuss.