Rebecca's Appointments

Creating a Resume
We will go over the basics for resume development and get started on the first draft. You will leave the appointment with a draft resume, as well as action items for making the finishing touches on your own.  Typical meetings last approximately 45 minutes.

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Quick Resume Review
This meeting is best for students who have already worked with our office in the past and need to update a resume with new experience, or wanted a second review before applying to a position. Meetings last approximately 15 minutes.

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Find an Internship
If you are ready to search for an internship, this meeting is a crucial step. We will discuss your resume, cover internship search strategies, and learn how to use our Pioneerlink system. You will leave with a guide and tools to assist in your search.  This appointment should take about 45 minutes.

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Full-Time Job Search
If you are about to begin a full-time job search, you will benefit from this meeting. We will discuss your resume, and identify job search techniques, such as utilizing social media and maximizing online resources. You will leave with a guide and next steps for your search. Meetings last approximately 75 minutes.

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Interview Preparation
Want to stand-out in your interview?  We will discuss interview techniques your interviewer may use, as well as how to prepare for questions and researching the company. Meetings last approximately 30 minutes.

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Mock Interview
Need some practice before your big interview? We will do a 30 minute “mock” interview based on the type of position you are pursuing.  Then we will review each of your answers and discuss areas for improvement.  The feedback from the meeting will help you be more confident and comfortable in the real interview.  Meetings last approximately 75 minutes.


Graduate School Discussion
Thinking about going to graduate school sometime in the future? We will discuss how to decide if graduate school is right for you, as well as, other topics you need to consider such as testing, resume preparation and timelines. Meetings last approximately 60 minutes.