Job Shadowing Program

A volunteer job shadowing opportunity for SHU students to spend a half a day, one day or up to five days observing SHU alumni at work.

Typical activities might include the following:

  • a tour of the facilities
  • explain a typical day
  • informational interviews with you and/or other staff members
  • overview session of organizations mission/vision
  • observing staff at work
  • assisting with projects
  • lunch with you
  • sitting in on company staff meetings
  • explore potential career paths within the organization and the profession

The program is not for academic credit and students are not compensated. Students are responsible for their own travel and expenses.

Who can participate?

Full-time undergraduate students. Students will meet with Career Center staff to determine matching interests and commitment.

How will the program assist alumni?

The program gives our alumni the opportunity to connect with students, develop professional mentorship skills, and make a difference in the lives of future SHU alumni as they plan their educational experience. A student could also become a potential resource for your organization as a future intern or employee.

How will the program assist SHU students?

The experience is an opportunity for students to gain understanding of a business, industry, and/or job function, to ask questions, and to observe first hand day to day operations. It also encourages students to build valuable connections for future references, internship or employment.

When does the job shadow take place?

Anytime during the year including the summer months.

Getting Started

Complete our signup form if you are interested in being contacted by a Career Center staff member for providing a job shadow experience for a Sacred Heart University student.