Join our Online Alumni Career Network!

This is a simple, student/alumni-only online mentoring/networking tool allowing you to share your wisdom and experience with our current students and network with your fellow alumni.

When you sign-up, you are entered into a searchable database called PioneerNetwork which is accessible only by our current students and alumni. Current students can search the database for mentors based on their career interests and are provided with alumni profiles that match.

Alumni can also search the database to find new networking connections. Once a student/alumnus has found a person they wish to speak with, they can send a message through the system requesting to begin a mentoring/networking relationship.

Participants can jointly agree how long this relationship will last, and its scope. A one-time chat by email, or coffee in person once a week, it's all up to you. We hope this will become a wonderful career research tool and networking opportunity for our current students and alumni alike.

Important Notes:

  • This service is entirely free for both mentors and students and is only open to current students and alumni.

  • All initial activity/contact exists within the system until you choose to extend the conversations outside the system (simply filling out your profile, and even agreeing to mentor someone, does not automatically share your personal information with anyone, mentors have complete control over initiating relationships after a student expresses interest).

  • You can set the limit of how many students you wish to mentor (max. of 2). Once you hit your maximum you are removed from the database until you go back below that maximum, so you won't be inundated with new requests while already working with a student.

  • You can conclude a relationship at any time. At that point you can make yourself available to another student, or you can remove yourself from the program entirely.

Request Access to PioneerNetwork

If you have any questions, want to access PioneerNetwork or if you can no longer access your account and need help, contact us at