Request Services

"Every question is our calling; every answer is our privilege"


All students, faculty and staff have the capability of sending work order requeststo Campus Operations.

Emergency Requests

Please call Campus Operations directly at 203-371-7870, Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm. Nights and weekends, please call Public Safety at 203-371-7995.

Priority of Work Requests

  • 1st Priority: Life, health, safety of residents and staff.  (Response: immediate; within 24 hours)

  • 2nd Priority: Maintaining the building. (Response: as soon as possible; depending on cost, funding, procurement of materials and availability of staff with sufficient notice to Campus Operations.

  • 3rd Priority: Requests of convenience, cosmetic, or non-essential maintenance or cleaning. (Response: as soon as time and/or funding permits.)

Submit a MOP Request

  • Step 1

    Connect with our work order system: WORK REQUEST (MOP).  If a dialog box appears asking for your user name and password, enter your Sacred Heart University email address and password.
    REMEMBER SCHEDULED EVENTS - that have been approved in the R25 system and require the need of set-ups of tables, chairs, etc., REQUIRE a MOP request, such requests should include date, location, amount of tables, amount of chairs and type of setup required. This needs to be entered at least a week in advance of the scheduled event to allow for proper planning and response.

  • Step 2

    Select: "CREATE MOP REQUEST."  A window will open promptly giving you numerous fields to input information about you, your location, the maintenance and/or custodial problem you are requesting to be serviced. Please fill in as much information as possible.  (If your room number cannot be found in the drop-down menu, please enter it in the "PROBLEM LOCATION" field. Be sure that the work request description is accurate.)

  • Step 3

    Select:  "SUBMIT REQUEST." A second page will open that will allow you to review your information for accuracy and correct any errors. If all of the information is correct: click “SUBMIT”