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For general inquiries or questions regarding "MOP" requests, please contact the Call Center at 203-371-7870. 

William Watson Director: Campus Operations 203-396-8316
Gerry McDade Manager: Maintenance & Trades 203-365-7515
Mike Austin Manager: Campus Quality Control 203-365-7551
Regina Brown Manager: Operations Call Center 203-371-7870
Bill Towle Manager: Construction Administration, Rental Properties & Vandalism Repair 203-371-7871
Dennis Jackson Supervisor: Maintenance & Trades 203-365-7529
Cynthia Conte Supervisor: Events Set-Up & Moves 203-365-4867
John Rose Supervisor of Purchasing and Inventory 203-365-4450
Jill Benedetto Manager: Office Services 203-365-4834


"Every question is our calling; every answer is our privilege"