University employees traveling on business should stay at a hotel that is close to the location of business.  Luxury hotels (i.e. Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton) are not permitted and will not be reimbursed. Many times a meeting is held in a hotel and, as part of the meeting arrangements, the hotel is included or negotiated at a discount rate.  This is an acceptable alternative.  Actual cost of reasonable accommodations will be reimbursed with proper documentation; however, costs in excess of the usual and customary rate for the locale will require suitable justification.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to notify either the hotel or the agency through which the reservation was made when room reservations need to be canceled.  Travelers should request and record the cancellation number in case of billing disputes.  Travelers will not be reimbursed for “no show charges”.

In general, personal expenses incurred while traveling will not be reimbursed.  In particular, in-room alcoholic beverage services, babysitting, movie or game rentals and tickets for sporting or other recreational activities are not reimbursable and must be paid with personal funds (see non reimburseable travel expenses).