Purchasing Card

What is a P-Card?

The Procurement Card program [P-Card] is designed to simplify the purchasing of goods and services costing up to $1,000. The P-Card is issued to authorized University personnel only.

To take advantage of the program requires only that previously existing guidelines for purchases continue to be followed, that purchases further the business of the University, that purchases are authorized by the department head or his designee, that complete and accurate documentation of purchases be maintained and reconciled to the monthly statement, and that the purchases are made from suppliers that accept Visa.

Please read the documents carefully for a clear understanding of the Purchasing Card Program then sign the P-Card Agreement. Use of the Purchasing Card will not affect your personal credit history.P-Card‌‎

The P-Card Program is beneficial to both the Cardholder and the University. 

 Benefits to the Cardholder:

  • Eliminates the need to use personal funds and obtain reimbursements 
  • P-Card provides convenience, added security and flexibility
  • Allows the purchaser (department) to obtain goods faster than conventional methods
  • Eliminates the need to file a paper requisition and signatures that go along with it

Benefits to Sacred Heart:

  • Reduces the number of purchase orders to enter, invoices and checks remitted
  • Enables Sacred Heart to focus on value-added activities
  • Capitalizes on the worldwide acceptance of Visa