Project STRONG

Project STRONGProject STRONG (Striving to Recognize One's Natural Gifts) is not an academic or tutoring program, but rather one to strengthen the girls’ self esteem and help them to realize their potential. We believe that teaching young girls to be strong women means teaching them:

  • To communicate their ideas effectively
  • To recognize and utilize their own unique talents and abilities
  • To set realistic goals
  • To exercise cultural sensitivity and use appropriate etiquette
  • To appreciate the value of lifelong learning
  • To exercise coping and stress management techniques
  • To understand the value of determination and perseverance
  • To acknowledge their ability to be strong competitors
  • To realize that there are many different types of “strong women”
  • To explore career opportunities for women

Project STRONG meets once a week at Geraldine Johnson Elementary School and currently has 13 fifth grade girls participating in the group with five female college mentors. Each week, we try to expose the girls to a new life lesson including, but not limited to communication, etiquette, respect, and teamwork as well as different career goals such as doctor, nurse, author, and even military personnel.