Project Learn

Project STRONGProject Learn is a mentor program which is sponsored by the United Methodist Churches in Bridgeport. Sacred Heart students mentor at the Summerfield United Methodist Church. The children that are mentored go to the Summerfield United Methodist Church every day after school. There are 31 children this year and they all come from the Hall school. When the mentors arrive at the Church, they walk to the school, pick the children up, and bring them back to the church. The SHU mentors begin by helping the children with their homework. When they are done, they spend time reading books before they can use the computers. Finally, the mentors and the mentees have leisure time, and play games together until it is time for them to go home.

The overall goal of the program is to encourage the children to stay in school, and further their education in school by teaching them what their priorities should be, as well as having someone there who cares enough to help and be another consistent support system to the children. Transportation is provided by the school if it is needed.