The Cross of Calle Real

Cross of Calle RealThe Story of the Cross of Calle Real

The crucifix, symbolizing their people's past, present, and future hopes, was a gift to Sacred Heart University from the young people of the Dolores Medina carpinteria of the Calle Real community in El Salvador.

At the intersection of the stem and arms is their rendering of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The left arm depicts their experience in the recently ended civil war: planes overhead, shooting, bombing, and destroying the people and the land. The right arm contrasts the grim past with the people today—they are smiling, happy, and alive. Atop the crucifix are two individuals, one dark-skinned, the other light-skinned, hands joined in comradeship and community. The base stem of the crucifix represents their vision of tomorrow: a maturing stalk of maize, the staple of life. The stalk grows forth from the seeds of community, solidarity, peace, and justice.

The Cross of Calle Real is used by the University community for special liturgical celebrations during the year. It hangs on display in the Campus Ministry Center.