Margaret Casey

Margaret CaseyMargaret joined Sacred Heart University in 2004 after working 11 years with the New York Times Company Magazine Group, Golf Digest.  She started Sacred Heart as an administrative assistant to the Vice President for Mission and Planning (department name later changed to Mission and Catholic Identity).  In that capacity, Margaret took on several Mission trips as coordinator.  The first was the El Salvador trip, which happens during Spring Break, while the second trip is to Mississippi.  This trip takes place the week prior to the start of the second semester in January.  In June of 2010, she transitioned over to Volunteer Programs office bringing the Mission trips to that department.  In addition to administrative work for Volunteer Programs office, Margaret also handles the day to day paperwork for four Lighthouse Program schools in the City of Bridgeport, which the Coordinator of Volunteer Programs oversees.  Margaret is also on the Founder’s Day Committee, which helps plan the University’s annual anniversary celebration.

Margaret has been a member of Sacred Heart’s “Knit Wits” for many years.  This is a group of staff and students getting together to make hats, scarves, prayer shawls, prayer squares, baby blankets and other items to fill the need of not only the Sacred Heart community, but also the Bridgeport community.  Margaret is also an avid reader of mystery novels, loves photography, landscape design and gardening, travel and spending time with her husband and two sons.

Margaret Casey
Administrative Assistant
Academic Building, SU 100
Phone: 203-365-4710
Fax: 203-396-8057