Seminars, Conversations, and Series

Annual Presidential Seminar on the Catholic Intellectual Traditions

‌Catholic universities have a special responsibility as stewards of the Catholic Intellectual Traditions. As such, they seek to preserve, transmit and develop this 2,000-year-old tradition in the context of and in active dialogue with the contemporary cultures of the world and the signs of the times. The tasks of preserving, transmitting and developing the Catholic Intellectual Traditions enriches our pedagogical mission of preparing students for lives of continuous learning, leadership and service to others. Sacred Heart University has emerged as one of the leading Catholic universities in the United States in this important work at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Members of the faculty have a unique role in fulfilling this aspect of the University’s mission. To assist those members of the faculty interested in developing this part of the University’s mission, The University established an annual Presidential Seminar on the Catholic Intellectual Traditions.

The Presidential Seminar is a year-long program for a group of eight to ten members of the full-time faculty. The seminar has four objectives: (1) to assist the participants to come to a better understanding of the Catholic intellectual traditions; (2) to articulate and explore the methodological and pedagogical implications of this tradition for the participants’ work as teachers seeking to engage students with the Catholic intellectual traditions; (3) to examine the research opportunities that engagement with the tradition creates for the participants; and (4) to encourage each participant to work toward the development of the Catholic intellectual traditions throughout his/her scholarly life.

For more details or to apply for the program, click here. Deadline for application is March 18, 2016

Previous participants include: 
Jesse Bailey, Michael Barbour, Kirk Bartholomew, Audrey Beauvais, Mark Beekey, Lori Bindig, Wendy Bjerke, Jody Bortone, Stephen Briner, Colleen Butler-Sweet, Jeff Cain, Andrea Canuel, Patricia Carl-Stannard, Michael Carriger, Valerie Christian, Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Tom Curran, Nancy DelVecchio, Lesley DeNardis, Sue Deschenes, Eleni Diakogeorgiou, Clotilde Dudley-Smith, Kwamie Dunbar, Ono Ekeh, Cara Erdheim, Gavin Ferriby, Michael Giarratano, Susan Goncalves, Charlotte Gradie, Ruth Grant, Tanya Grant, June-Ann Greeley, Beau Greer, Andra Gumbus, Dhia Habboush, Marie Hulme, Mark Jareb, Alka Jauhari, Mary-Ellen Johnson, Matthew Kaye, Christopher Kelly, Stephane Kirven, Kenneth Knies, Andrew Lazowski, Nathan Lewis, Ralph Lim, Michelle Loris, Bridget Lyons, Richard Magee, Khawaja Mamun, Christel Manning, Robin McAllister, James McCabe, Sharon McCloskey, Enda McGovern, Jennifer McLaughlin, Dawn Melzer, Steven Michels, John Michniewicz, Anca Micu, Andrew Miller, Kerry Milner, Jason Molitierno, Amanda Moras, Patrick Morris, Julie Mujic, Joseph Nagy, Rupendra Paliwal, Edward Papa, Rhea Paul, Andrew Pierce, Barbara Pierce, Anna Price, Gordon Purves, Gerald Reid, John Roney, Sally Ross, Nicole Roy, Tuvana Rua, Gail Samdperil, Eric Scibek, Cima Sedigh, Daniel Shim, Joshua Shuart, Peter Sinclair, Raja Staggers-Hakim, LaTina Steele, Brian Stiltner, Geffrey Stopper, Thomas Terleph, Michael Ventimiglia, Greg Viggiano, Valerie Wherley, Deirdre Yeater, Sandra Young, Jonas Zdanys

Faculty Conversations on the Catholic Intellectual Traditions 
This series of discussions is designed for new full-time faculty members of the University. Over the course of eight months, faculty are invited to join in six "conversations" to explore issues related to the University’s mission and Catholic identity, especially as they relate to the Catholic intellectual traditions and to their experiences as new members of our faculty. This series of informal "conversations" has been planned by the University’s Office of Mission and Catholic Identity in conjunction with a faculty committee. The sessions are facilitated by experienced colleagues from the faculty of all the colleges, and directed by one of the senior officers of Mission and Catholic Identity. The six sessions are:

  • September - Dinner Conversation on The History of Sacred Heart University within the Context of Vatican Council II
  • October - Luncheon Conversation on Mission and Catholic Identity as Enhancing Teaching
  • November - Luncheon Conversation on Mission, Catholic Identity and the Vocation of Teaching
  • January - Dinner Conversation on Mission and Catholic Identity: Implications for Scholarship
  • February - Luncheon Conversation on The Legacy of Catholic Social Teaching: Justice, Peace, Service

The series concludes with a final Dinner Conversation with the University President.

"Religion and . . ." Panel Discussion Series

The Office of Mission and Catholic Identity at Sacred Heart University sponsors and organizes an annual panel series entitled "Religion and..." The University presents this special forum to engage the local, national and international community in an ongoing dialogue on issues of crucial significance at the intersection of faith and culture.

"In Vino Veritas" Series

This series flows from the "Presidential Seminar" and "Faculty Conversations." It provides continuity of discussion among faculty and administration participants and an opportunity to continue the dialogue that began in each of these existing programs. Since it is sponsored by the Office of Mission and Catholic Identity and involves faculty and administrators from different departments, disciplines and divisions, it provides a concrete way for the Catholic intellectual traditions, which is fundamental to the mission of the University, to permeate the University culture and have a positive impact on collegiality, teaching, scholarship and research.