Catholic Resources on the Web

+ Official Church Documents

        Catechism of the Catholic Church
        Deus Caritas Est - "God Is Love" (January 2006 Encyclical)
        Spe Salvi - "In Hope We Were Saved" (November 2007 Encyclical)
        Ex Corde Ecclesiae

        US Catholic Bishops Conference

        Vatican Website

+ Catholic Higher Education

        Ex Corde Ecclesiae
        Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
        Collegium: A Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life
        Collegium: SHU Participants
        International Federation of Catholic Universities

+ Catholic Intellectual Traditions Resources

        Catholic History and Culture
        Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
        The Catholic Theology Society of America
        CIT Resource Library

+ Catholic Journals
        Cross Currents

+ Catholic Websites

        Catholic News Service
        Catholic Online
        Catholic Resources on Justice Issues
        Catholic World News